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Your home for curls

Nigel Russell

Your curly hairs best friend 

Nigel has been in the hairdressing industry for 40 years and has been a qualified Trichologist for 25 years (hair & scalp specialist). He has done teaching and educational work for some of the major hair companies in Australia and owned a successful, award winning salon in Sydney for 15 years and that is where he first became interested in cutting naturally curly hair.

After returning to New Zealand he began work as a platinum stylist for the SERVILLES group and was a part time tutor in their academy for over 10 years. Nigel has always preferred using natural, organic nonsulphate products and created HOLTISTIC HAIR in 2006. A natural hair care range. 

He has had several articles published on how to cut curly hair and is a keen advocate for the DRY CUT FIRST method. He has been cutting curly hair using this method for over 20 years preferring to work with the hairs natural movement. He has recently launched NIGEL RUSSELL HAIR a new natural chemical free and CG friendly hair care range and is constantly tweaking his products to suit the demands of curly /wavy and hard to manage hair.